Normalised main-sequence spectra


Melchiors is a library of high resolution stellar spectra, covering a wide variety of spectral types, with high signal to noise ratios.

The spectra were obtained with the Hermes spectrograph, installed on the Mercator telescope in the Roque de Los Muchachos observatory on the island of La Palma, operated by the KU Leuven university.

Reference paper : Royer et al. 2024

Data Products

  1. A. The spectra, presented in different flavors :
    1. 1. Raw, i.e. 1D spectra obtained after processing with the Hermes pipeline
    2. 2. As 1., but corrected for the instrumental response of the instrument
    3. 3. As 2. but including a correction for the telluric absorption lines, with molecfit
    4. 4. As 3. but normalized

  2. B. Calibration spectra, used to derive the instrumental responses, in raw format (same as A.1.)

  3. C. Theoretical models of the calibration spectra

  4. D. meta-data tables providing
    1. 1. the main information on the spectra and the corresponding target
    2. 2. the links between the spectra and their calibration counterpart
    3. 3. the cross-match of our targets with Gaia DR3.

  5. E. Quick look pngs of all spectra, including zooms on Hα

  6. The format of all data products is detailed in the reference article.

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